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Beacon O'Hope, the 1st Human-to-Saiyan by ElCidDeMaestro Beacon O'Hope, the 1st Human-to-Saiyan :iconelciddemaestro:ElCidDeMaestro 21 4
El Cid de Maestro's Mario Maker Hub!
Here will be a hub of my Mario Maker levels I've been doing lately and their codes. It shall update as when I make more levels. Please play my levels and show them to various Youtubers. I WANT to see them flip out. XD As a result of that request, most of these levels will be Kaizo-inspired though not as stingy on power-ups. (Though it's bad to lose them in this case. You'll see why.) Follow the titles of my stages to see what you're in for.
With this, please enjoy my venture into game design! (Even if it's cheating and using Mario Maker)
10/9/2015 Levels:
Dr. Kaizo Mario: 3981-0000-0098-DEFA (SMB1, obviously Kaizo-inspired and uses a Costume Mushroom)
Dr. Kaizo Mario 2: 1D53-0000-0096-D6C0 (Same warning as the previous one)
Dr. Kaizo Mario 3: 9A2F-0000-0098-B2A4 (Same warning as above)
10/10/2015 Levels:
Evil Mario Bros. 3: B64E-0000-009A-71AA (SMB3, not exactly Kaizo, but can be elaborate to navigate)
Also, have a hub for some of my friends' Mario Maker Levels:
10/9/2015 Levels:
:iconelciddemaestro:ElCidDeMaestro 1 1
The Guardmaster's Profile by ElCidDeMaestro The Guardmaster's Profile :iconelciddemaestro:ElCidDeMaestro 10 7
The Meaning of Immortality
The Meaning of Immortality: A Thesis on Alicorn Power
As written by Prince Solaris Unitenma of Equestria
An alicorn is known as the embodiment of power, able to freely use the abilities of Earth Ponies, Pegasi, and Unicorns freely. Alicorns are also capable of feats of divine magic most ponies cannot hope to pull off without seriously putting their lives in jeopardy. EVERY power has its price, however, and for alicorn power, the only price left to pay is one's own life.
The very same alicorn magic most ponies covet can turn against them, since while alicorns have access to nearly limitless power, as an immortal one must be able to self-sustain their own immortality. In that regard, a portion of an alicorn's potential must ALWAYS be regulated to self-regeneration which is practice can ironically mean most alicorns may never tap into their full potential. Let me give you a range of active power levels by all the known alicorns in the land though bear in mind it's not ACTIVE power levels
:iconelciddemaestro:ElCidDeMaestro 7 2
The Forbidden Canus Majorus Tome
The Forbidden Canus Majorus Tome (The Restored Scriptures)
To the reader of this tome who comes across this info, by the time you find this, I will either be dead or have reincarnated into a new form, but know that whatever happens after Discord's reign of anarchy, know there was once another who could rival him...know the deity from the rogue Canus Majoris super-star whose power may very well exceed any successors to him and Discord. Know the name Canus Majoris as a warning to all beings of order: Order means nothing without the existence of chaos and NOTHING is worth one being controlling everything, not even if it meant stopping Discord for good. I can only hope Equestria will show forgiveness for why Discord must run free without a god of order to stop, but the price for Canus destroying Discord would mean the un-making of this world. If you have found this info, know that the truth of Equestria's beginning may burden your very soul and shake whatever foundation will have si
:iconelciddemaestro:ElCidDeMaestro 2 1
The History of the Ixion Mages
The Ixion Mages, Eclipseus Unitenma, and the Half-Moon Wars
Not long into his stay in Equestria, Colt Magnum would sense the re-appearance of a lost area in Equestria said to have disappeared for 500 years. Intending to figure out the source or the large number of magic readings, he and Flutters would be followed by Twilight Sparkle also seeking what turned out to be the return of Ixion Tower, home of the Unicorns of the Ixion Clan. Located on the edge of the Unicorn Range closest to Ponyville, the Ixion Tower has only recently been restored to Equestria with no one besides maybe Celestia aware of why it disappeared for 500 years.
To begin with, most of the founding and current highest level members are speculated to be direct descendants of Star-Swirl the Bearded and his disciples from the homeland of pre-Equestria civilization. The clan was formed following the fall of Canus Majoris 10,000 years ago when Discord took over Equestria for the next 8,000, taking up the flag of Pri
:iconelciddemaestro:ElCidDeMaestro 5 1
Year of the Unitenmas: The Complete Family File
The History of the Unitenmas (The Complete Story)
Part 1: Opening
From the end of Discord’s first reign of chaos until the original Nightmare Moon incident, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna ruled Equestria as equal entities of power and authority. It was thought that the present day’s history books remembered everything about that history, but as this scripture is about to reveal, the name of the Element of Magic was not the only thing initially lost to time 1,000 years ago.
After the fall of Discord but before the Nightmare Moon incident, Celestia had a husband who the strongest mage of the time, Eclipseus Unitenma. Little else is known about Eclipseus’ early history, but he had joined forces with the then-current Guard Master, El Cid de Maestro, during the fights against Discord and Sombra. Being made an alicorn for what was supposed to be a pledge of eternity to Celestia, Eclipseus rebuilt the sisters’ modest palace into the Castle of the Roy
:iconelciddemaestro:ElCidDeMaestro 4 7
The Origin of Colt Magnum: The Impossible Stallion by ElCidDeMaestro The Origin of Colt Magnum: The Impossible Stallion :iconelciddemaestro:ElCidDeMaestro 15 4 Old Picture: Fat Meirouku hand-drawn by ElCidDeMaestro Old Picture: Fat Meirouku hand-drawn :iconelciddemaestro:ElCidDeMaestro 3 1 Reintroducing the Rishied family by ElCidDeMaestro Reintroducing the Rishied family :iconelciddemaestro:ElCidDeMaestro 9 1 Colt Magnum: The Perfect Stranger of Equestria by ElCidDeMaestro Colt Magnum: The Perfect Stranger of Equestria :iconelciddemaestro:ElCidDeMaestro 9 8
SF: Stardust Memories AGs Team
Note: The following info covered in this installment of Project Stardust Memories covers info about the team dynamics and other such info. So enjoy the profiles of the chars above from left to right.
-Heian Snow
-Age: 23
-Species: Wolf
-Ethinicty: Aurorian
-AG Position: Leader
-Main Talents: Hand-to-Hand combat, close-range firearms, piloting Aurorian reactor-powered ships, ice and Aurora-based powers as well as speed from Aurorian blood, unwavering bravery and unshakable resolve to protect the people he loves
-Main Weaknesses: Lacks formal military training, emotionally attached to the outcome of missions, sometimes disobeys orders he finds unreasonable, impatient, takes heavy risks with his strategies, refuses to rely on indirect warfare, cannot pilot a ship specifically tuned to his faster reaction time, and not good with far range combat when outside ship
-Evaluation: Heian is a new generation of pilot that although many people had reservations about is giving the military brand ne
:iconelciddemaestro:ElCidDeMaestro 9 5
SF: Stardust Memories chars
The follow information below contains info on the core characters of my Stardust Memories project  from left to right and also will fill in any info on other characters not pictured above who are also important to the listed characters.
-Heian Snow: Leader of the Aurora Guardians and the inspiration for the founding of the team in the first place, Heian himself largely lacks formal training and only has foriegn born abilities from the planet Auroria to stand on. However, he has lived his whole life on Corneria and lacks any memory or knowledge of his true heritage besides its destruction. While as a pilot Heian controls a unique ship with a powerful new type of engine, his true talent is fighting, where he is far stronger and faster than any normal Cornerian and has control over the northern lights and ice. However, his powers are bound to his emotions and renders both unstable at the wrong times. While he fights to protect Corneria, he has a turbulent history with the Star F
:iconelciddemaestro:ElCidDeMaestro 5 9
Lumina-Su Spritesheet by ElCidDeMaestro Lumina-Su Spritesheet :iconelciddemaestro:ElCidDeMaestro 10 2 FAT Lara-Su Spritesheet by ElCidDeMaestro FAT Lara-Su Spritesheet :iconelciddemaestro:ElCidDeMaestro 34 5 FAT Meirouku Spritesheet by ElCidDeMaestro FAT Meirouku Spritesheet :iconelciddemaestro:ElCidDeMaestro 4 5

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Luna Pinup by newyorkx3 Luna Pinup :iconnewyorkx3:newyorkx3 273 19

Journal History


ElCidDeMaestro's Profile Picture
Cido Zeromus
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
-Current Residence: Back and forth Rarity's boutique and Canterlot Castle
-Favourite genre of music: Video Game Music mainly; sometimes Techno, Punk Rock, Alternative, and Anime
-Favourite style of art: Anthro Ponies, Fat Furries, and furries in general
-Operating System: Windows 7 on my current laptop
-MP3 player of choice: iPhone 5S
-Wallpaper of choice: Rarity, preferably a big beautiful Rarity
-Skin of choice: Pony fur and blubber
-Favourite cartoon character: Rarity [Of course from MLP]
-Personal Quote: "A paradox is the truth contradicting itself, but that itself is a paradox." Myself
>El Cid de Maestro is my title as a guard. I'm usually known as Cid, but my birth name as a pony was Cido Zeromus as listed higher up in the profile. Still haven't mentioned this to most ponies yet, certainly not anyone actually also in the MLP official canon.
>Yes, I'm a bigger pony and yes I like fat ponies. Fat ponies are just SO HUG-GABLE.
>I like RPing a lot. Note me for my Skype, YIM, Steam, or DA-only chatroom if you RP as well.
>Profile picture was commisioned by :iconblackbewhite2k7: based on a picture drawn by another friend of mine, :iconbioblood:
>I have a Tumblr that's still being rebuilt.
>I have minor interests in the CBS shows Big Brother and Survivor through :iconswsu-master: mainly. If anyone shows more interests in my own ideas concerning this type of genre, I'll release the story I've had backed up for years.
>I know a bit about Fallout Equestria to anyone who can and is able to RP Fallout Equestria. Right now I can't find anyone to RP with in RL.
  • Listening to: My own thoughts on my outlook of things
  • Reading: My Skype Chats
  • Watching: Fact Hunt: 5 Unbelievably Cheapskate Game Licenses
  • Playing: With my own thoughts and musings
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nothing
Here's something I don't find myself saying often: I gave in to the temptation I usually resist at all costs of going FULL-SALVO with opinions that as far as I now no one on two posts I did this ACTUALLY WANTED OR ASKED FOR. Why? Just on PRINCIPAL that the exact nature of varied for each post. While one was a FANTASTIC sport anyway despite my unusual and unprecedented (for me) unloading of contempt to a particular part of her opinion (that's ALL I'm going to say on that here to not give my first unwitting target audience a harder time), the second one is still to be resolved so far due to the fact I ended up soliciting my opinion uninvited on the SECOND incident RIGHT AFTER I had resolved the first one the most peacefully I still could.

That is the short of my evening and I'm NOT going to give the long of it here. You want ANY answers, hit me up in notes though that STILL might not be a guarantee I tell you EVERYTHING i want. I DO still reserve the right to with-hold information if you're relying SOLELY on me to give it and don't expect me to give names. Those who already saw what I posted to THEM earlier don't want further headaches.



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