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Cido Zeromus
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
-Current Residence: Back and forth Rarity's boutique and Canterlot Castle
-Favourite genre of music: Video Game Music mainly; sometimes Techno, Punk Rock, Alternative, and Anime
-Favourite style of art: Anthro Ponies, Fat Furries, and furries in general
-Operating System: Windows 7 on my current laptop
-MP3 player of choice: iPhone 5S
-Wallpaper of choice: Rarity, preferably a big beautiful Rarity
-Skin of choice: Pony fur and blubber
-Favourite cartoon character: Rarity [Of course from MLP]
-Personal Quote: "A paradox is the truth contradicting itself, but that itself is a paradox." Myself
>El Cid de Maestro is my title as a guard. I'm usually known as Cid, but my birth name as a pony was Cido Zeromus as listed higher up in the profile. Still haven't mentioned this to most ponies yet, certainly not anyone actually also in the MLP official canon.
>Yes, I'm a bigger pony and yes I like fat ponies. Fat ponies are just SO HUG-GABLE.
>I like RPing a lot. Note me for my Skype, YIM, Steam, or DA-only chatroom if you RP as well.
>Profile picture was commisioned by :iconblackbewhite2k7: based on a picture drawn by another friend of mine, :iconbioblood:
>I have a Tumblr that's still being rebuilt.
>I have minor interests in the CBS shows Big Brother and Survivor through :iconswsu-master: mainly. If anyone shows more interests in my own ideas concerning this type of genre, I'll release the story I've had backed up for years.
>I know a bit about Fallout Equestria to anyone who can and is able to RP Fallout Equestria. Right now I can't find anyone to RP with in RL.
  • Mood: Daily Needs
  • Listening to: Various Video Game Music
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory reruns
  • Playing: Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nothing
I guess I need to signal boost what's on my massive back burner without spamming the prize grabs though they will be listed under this journal for idea pitches. Anyway, here are a list of ideas I have sitting on my backburner and this time I want ALL readers to see this list. This is what I have sitting in the back of my head clogging me up, but unsure which one I should do:
>The Untold History of the Impossible Pony and the Forgotten Past/A "Complete" History of the Power Rangers: For those who know my friend Bioblood, I have supplied biographies for him concerning the Great Legend War and mentioned the Power Rangers. What's the connection between the GLW and Colt's past? Let's just say all questions on the world comes from relies on a retelling of the Power Rangers world from many Power Ranger-based RPs I've done with 1 or 2 friends, since I am a fan of Super Sentai/Power Rangers stuff...mostly Sentai nowadays since I have not been happy with the Neo-Saban era of PRs for the most part. There's been a major connection to Colt's past and the Power Ranger RPs I bring up for the first time that hasn't been known to very many people since I first made my first pony OC Colt and considering that is THE reason I made Colt, it's pretty huge. This project would not only explain the past Colt's forgotten, but would also be a retelling of the Power Rangers world according to the world COLT once came from. This would mix both ideas from the show, ideas from Sentai unused in the show, and ideas of my own. If you would like to see this idea, email me at with the subject "Yes to Ponies and Power Rangers: The Complete Story" so I can put this in a separate folder.
>Pokemon Delta Emerald: This idea would be a fan-story not only celebrating the run of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, but also to commemorate Pokemon OCs I have kept for the longest amount of time. The story idea would first feature my own rendition of the journey through Hoemn in the vein of Pokemon Emerald to ORAS's Ruby and Sapphire-style story with Team Magma and Team Aqua clashing at the same time with some of my chars coming into the scene in addition to the cast of ORAS. This would also feature a history concerning two chars of mine and an untold history about the leaders of Team Magma and Team Aqua's leaders. If you would like to see this idea, email me at with the subject "Yes to Pokemon Delta Emerald" so I can put this in a separate folder.
>Big Brother Ultimate: For some of the readers I picked up recently, this is an idea concerning the CBS show "Big Brother" (USA), some concepts unused in SWSU-Master's Survivor Fan Characters, and ideas of my own mashed up into a hybrid of sprite comic and written story. It would be a Big Brother USA-style story featuring twists not possible to see in the real show due to the limits of reality and also because I'd include plenty of chars like pony OCs and other types of anthro characters who would never be seen in reality. If you would like to see this idea, email me at with the subject "Yes to Big Brother Ultimate" so I can put this in a separate folder.

The ballot will be open all the way until January 31st, 2015 which is when I will close voting for these new ideas. So I hope to see input on what you think can be addressed in each idea or questions about each idea. Thanks to those who read this.

Bonus: I still have the following prize grabs available in the style of "Let's Make a Deal", where I pick based on what I think is the best offer being made to me (in the form of a drawn request, DA subscription, a story request, or something like that) in exchange for prizes I am willing to give away. The following prizes require a 3DS to claim and are as such:
>A serial code for the Pokemon ORAS special demo that in the US gives you a free Mega Glailie along with other bonus items like Heart Scales to send to the real ORAS games.
>A serial code for Pokemon X and Y for Diancie which can be sent to ORAS to get the Diancite.
*Both prizes are availible at any time as long as I still have the codes backed up, so if you want to make a trade for either prize, send me a note.

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