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Beacon O'Hope, the 1st Human-to-Saiyan by ElCidDeMaestro
Beacon O'Hope, the 1st Human-to-Saiyan
Well, I have plenty of comissions I get that are black and whites and I color in myself. Here's one I decided to post and share of a Saiyan character I made for some Dragon Ball RPs I do with friends despite her not being the first Dragonball OC I created. So here's the deal with Beacon O'Hope, a Saiyan bred on Earth:

Beacon was actually born a human who was abducted as a baby and was experimented on by a cult that sought to recreate what supposedly Hercule was able to beat to re-trigger the fight. The cultist leader died and she along with three other babies who were kidnapped were taken into new homes, due to being displaced from their birth families by the experiments on them. They are identified by four marks: Dragon, Phoenix, Turtle, and Tiger.

The mark Beacon got was the Phoenix, which hers came with a sample of Saiyan DNA that would not only let her heal easier from injuries, but grow stronger over time from every injury she survived.

Having the mix of a Saiyan appetite and an imperfect hybrid body caused her to gain a lot of weight, but that wasn't the only catch. The more she tapped into her own super strength and ability to use Ki, the more her Saiyan genetics took over until she eventually was a human only in mind and gained the physical DNA of a Saiyan completely integrated into her being. She would for a time try to make power armors to stall the process only to find the only options for her to get stronger were to either kill the other "Celestial Shadows" who bore marks similar to hers or push her Saiyan powers to the point of becoming entirely Saiyan. Although she tried to find these other beings under the pseudonym "Greed Shocker", this came to an end when she found a man she dated at the time, Ryou Kiba, had the tiger mark and she couldn't bear the thought of killing him.

Though they continued dating for a while, her eventual growth of her Saiyan genetics and a tail caused her and Ryou to stop dating and remain only as allies in battle. However, Beacon had used her Saiyan genetics to first get access to the Super Saiyan forms with the ease of the gene sample spliced into her and then the Super Saiyan God form...hilariously by having the appetite of five pure-hearted Saiyans, something that many would be confused by. Because of being a Saiyan who became as such from on Earth, she would eventually train with others who could become the next step up...Super Saiyan BLUE as Whis now calls the asscendant Super Saiyan God form.

From left to right are Beacon's normal form, Super Saiyan (1 AND 2, since her hair is too short for 1 and 2 to be identifiable differently), Super Saiyan God, and Super Saiyan Blue. Original pic was by :iconrobot001: and colors as well as edits to the Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan Blue hair was by me. If you want to see other pics I commished/requested and then colored personally, I shall post more. Beacon IS my character despite the linework being done by :iconrobot001:. I just am not good with linework and bodies. Coloring seems more my thing.


ElCidDeMaestro's Profile Picture
Cido Zeromus
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
-Current Residence: Back and forth Rarity's boutique and Canterlot Castle
-Favourite genre of music: Video Game Music mainly; sometimes Techno, Punk Rock, Alternative, and Anime
-Favourite style of art: Anthro Ponies, Fat Furries, and furries in general
-Operating System: Windows 7 on my current laptop
-MP3 player of choice: iPhone 5S
-Wallpaper of choice: Rarity, preferably a big beautiful Rarity
-Skin of choice: Pony fur and blubber
-Favourite cartoon character: Rarity [Of course from MLP]
-Personal Quote: "A paradox is the truth contradicting itself, but that itself is a paradox." Myself
>El Cid de Maestro is my title as a guard. I'm usually known as Cid, but my birth name as a pony was Cido Zeromus as listed higher up in the profile. Still haven't mentioned this to most ponies yet, certainly not anyone actually also in the MLP official canon.
>Yes, I'm a bigger pony and yes I like fat ponies. Fat ponies are just SO HUG-GABLE.
>I like RPing a lot. Note me for my Skype, YIM, Steam, or DA-only chatroom if you RP as well.
>Profile picture was commisioned by :iconblackbewhite2k7: based on a picture drawn by another friend of mine, :iconbioblood:
>I have a Tumblr that's still being rebuilt.
>I have minor interests in the CBS shows Big Brother and Survivor through :iconswsu-master: mainly. If anyone shows more interests in my own ideas concerning this type of genre, I'll release the story I've had backed up for years.
>I know a bit about Fallout Equestria to anyone who can and is able to RP Fallout Equestria. Right now I can't find anyone to RP with in RL.

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